jolie // associate photographer

Jolie's CollectioN


- One-hour session

- Online proof gallery of all edited images

- (20) high-resolution edited images to keep + printing rights

Meet Jolie

Hello! I’m Jolie.


Where did you grow up?

Sioux City, Iowa. I moved to Nebraska from Colorado six years ago for a job when I was in the Air Force.


Tell us about your family.

I have an awesome husband, and I am a mother of four. Two children in Heaven and two that I have the joy of raising Earth-side. Ayden is seven and Avi is three.


What do you enjoy about family sessions?

Whenever I get my own family photos taken, I am always so stressed! "Why is my child acting insane? I'm sweating. Can we Photoshop smiles? My husband looks like he's losing his patience, too. Did we just pay $200 to capture absolute chaos?" However, I am always in awe when I get the photos back from the photographer. There are moments where we are smiling, laughing, loving on each other or just peacefully looking into the distance. Despite the chaos, these fleeting moments existed and were captured. Isn't that how our lives REALLY are? Stressful and overwhelming, beautiful and fun? For this reason, I love taking family photos. I love being able to remind people (parents!) that in the midst of the chaos that is raising a family, there are so many moments that take place - so many moments that we might not even recognize that they exist. That makes it all worth while.


What do you enjoy about working with kids?

They're cute. They're fun. They allow me to be silly and carefree. Even if the photos captured feature one of them picking their nose or wailing away, we've captured a memory. A very realistic memory of what life was like with kids. Loud. Crazy. Fun.


What are you most passionate about?

My role as Executive Director at No Footprint Too Small where I work to provide support to mothers, fathers, and families who have experienced the heartbreaking loss of a baby.


What’s your favorite thing to do with your family photos?

Hang them up! There are photos all over the place in our home. A photographer once told me that having photos of your children raises their self-esteem. My daughter especially loves looking at them. She points to different photos nearly every day and talks about who they are of. I love it; especially because most of our loved ones are far away! This is a way to keep them close.

Jolie recently took some family pictures for us and

I couldn’t be happier with them! Our 5 year old was super sassy and non cooperative to say the least but, Jolie handled it like a champ and got some great pictures out of it. I’d recommend her to anyone and everyone! - The Fitzke Family

Amidst the chaos a family of five with three kids 6 and under brings to a photo shoot, Jolie somehow documented (with perfect lighting and complimentary angles, even!) the real joy and love that exists in our family - which was such a lovely gift for this tired momma who sometimes forgets that's what we have! Jolie was able to perfectly capture our children's personalities, too! They instantly loved her and we got pictures of them we'll cherish forever. - The Neuhaus Family

Jolie is so much fun to work with and so sweet! She made us all feel very comfortable in front of the camera and had such wonderful and creative ideas. We will definitely be booking with her again! - The Brodkey Family