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Meet Emily Hardy // Lifestyle Studio





Your new friend, Emily

I recently had to describe myself in three words. Thirty years, and I get three words?

I went with what popped into my head first. Naturally, they all fit my photography. I thought about it a bit more, and I guess these words are synonymous with me, too. Genuine. Light. Intimate.

Why? I am my photography. This craft is me, strewn across thousands of prints and digital files.

I care about you. I care about how you feel during the photo session. I want to see your eyes light up when you see the results. I hope you smile and tear up decades later. I realize photography is a way to capture a moment, free of noise, and I want to give that to you.

We might only spend an hour or a day together per session, but I guarantee we’ll be lifelong friends.

My three words. Your experience.

Genuine. Light. Intimate.


What’s Lifestyle Photography, anyway? 

Capture moments with your family the way they were meant to be—authentic, beautiful, and pose-free.

That’s the beauty of lifestyle photography. No backdrops. No posing. Just your family’s story through the art of the everyday.

During your session, I want you to be your authentic messy, loud, thoughtful, and silly self, because it’s authenticand that’s beautiful.

Whether we’re in the comfort of my studio, exploring the great outdoors, or spending quality time at your home, our time together is my chance to reveal your family’s personalities. Your relationships. Your emotions.

I can’t wait capture your family’s story—for you and your loved ones to enjoy for generations to come. Contact me today to reserve a date. 

Check out the BLOG to see what we’re up to!  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.