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With each session scheduled we are giving away a free photography session to someone in need. Thanks to your session, you get to Be the Good in someone’s life and gift a free photography session to a local individual or family who could really use it!

You have a few options for giving away your free session:

  1. Choose a local organization we’re partnering with and we will work with them to give the session to someone they think could really use it.
    Our partner list:
    // Child Advocacy Center – http://www.smallvoices.org/
    // Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach – http://www.mtko.org/
    // No Footprint Too Small – http://nofootprinttoosmall.com/
    // Lincoln Public Schools – https://www.lps.org/
    // People’s City Mission – http://pcmlincoln.org/
    // Love Your Melon – Creighton – https://www.loveyourmelon.com/pages/campuscrews
    // Friendship Home – http://www.friendshiphome.org/
  2. Choose a cause you’re interested in and we’ll take it from there.
    For example, helping a refugee family, foster families, homeless families, stillborn babies, children of abuse, childhood cancer/illness, etc.
  3. Suggest a family in need you know that would benefit from a free photo session. Send us an email with a bit of their story and we’ll see if they fit the parameters or our program.

Once you have selected a cause, organization or family, let us know and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks for being our client and being the good right here in Nebraska. We can’t wait to help you spread a little love to someone who could really use it!

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These smiles. These smiles are exactly why I do what I do every single day.

Fabiana & Ricardo were living a life of uncertainty. The school systems in Brazil were very dangerous to attend. The local community was full of crime and even with higher education degrees, it was incredibly hard to make ends meet.

They look a leap of faith and uprooted their family to find a better life. After an extensive amount of research on where might be the best location to raise a family, they sold everything they owned and immigrated to Nebraska.

Through tears, Fabiana told me how wonderful the people of Lincoln have been over the past few months. They have made friends, important connections and most of all, now have a safe place to raise their two children. She never imagined they would be so welcomed in a new location.

Nebraska truly is the good life. Lincoln is a better and brighter place having this amazing family as part of our community. We are so lucky.

{Thank you to the McLaughlin family for gifting this session to the Melvino family through the Be The Good project. Thank you to Lincoln Public Schools for connecting us.} CLICK HERE TO BE THE GOOD