I am thrilled to welcome your expanding family to mine! I am honored to be documenting your little one’s very first portraits; these are the images that will be treasured for years to come and will beautifully chronicle your family’s history.

I will no doubt ask for your baby soon after meeting you. I will work to get acquainted and familiar, and we’ll plan our session based on your goals for your images, whether they are a canvas gallery, heirloom album, or prints for framing and gifting. But whatever we do, you’ll be right beside me, ensuring that one of us has a hand near your baby at all times, because safety is of primary importance.

I understand there are many options out there, at many different price points, and many different styles. Hopefully you selected Emily Hardy Photography because of the images you have viewed in my portfolio, the extensive line of fine products, and because  the vast network of referrals tell you that this is the place to be!

This welcome kit should provide you with a full overview of what you can expect from your session with Emily Hardy Photography. I look forward to working with you!

Emily Hardy Photography

The experience.

What can you expect from your Newborn or Baby Session with Emily Hardy Photography? You can expect to be greeted with an understanding smile, and probably a warm hug. We have families too, and so whatever you are experiencing, whether it be sleepless nights or the joy of watching first steps, we have been there before and we are excited to share some stories from our journey while we document yours! You’ll also experience a safety and practicality that comes from trained professionals…we will not ever try to “get the shot” if it means compromising the well-being of your child. That means no unassisted newborn poses (though we might ask for your hand) and no unsafe mediums to support your child. While we would like you to relax and enjoy the session, you can also count on Emily Hardy Photography to verbally guide you through the session, so there are no surprises, and you feel comfortable that your baby is in good hands.

Finally, you can expect that you will have fun. Our clients usually end their session by saying “it felt like we were hanging out with an old friend!” or “that was wonderful… we were so worried.” We aren’t in this for the session, we are in it for the relationship, for the chance to tell your story, for the lifetime of your baby, and your family!

Kind words.

“We were so nervous for our session. Or at least I was! I haven’t felt comfortable during this pregnancy, I am not used to the extra weight and I just don’t look like myself. I cried when I saw my images. I couldn’t believe it was me. You made me look so beautiful.. my husband said I was downright sexy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

— Amanda R.

“My heart is melting! Emily, these are so amazing – I keep tearing up as I look through them! Thank you. You have seriously captured my whole heart on film”

— Sarah S.

“Our images are amazing. Plain and simple. We picked you as a photographer, even though we believed you to be out of our price range. But we decided we wanted to save and get what we could. In the end, we realized it was better to stretch and get as many as we could because you captured our babies as they are, and they will never ever be this way again.”

— Ruby F.

Your keepsakes.

Emily Hardy Photography offers unique keepsake options to preserve your precious newborn memories for a lifetime. All of our products are processed with archival grade inks on the highest quality materials. We have packages and extras that are friendly to any taste and every budget. We’ll even sit down with you for a custom order session to help you choose and put together the best images for framing, albums, and displays.

Heirloom Albums.

Our press printed book is specially printed just for you in a classic and friendly 10×10 or 12×12, 20-page hardcover book. Designed with simple magazine style layouts and a printed cover with images from your session, the finished product looks like an art book from a bookstore, with the option of a matte photo or fabric cover and slim, sleek pages. Your custom layout is meticulously created by a talented graphic designer to best showcase your images in a tastefully modern yet timeless design. Text can be added as an option.

Framed Prints.

Gorgeous, modern photography deserves equally gorgeous, modern frames. Presenting your photographs in archival matted frames elevates your portrait investment to the status of art, transforming your walls into a gallery to be experienced and enjoyed daily.

Birth Announcements + Custom Cards.

Emily Hardy Photography Studio also offers multiple options for printed press cards for birth announcements, thank you cards or baby’s first stationery. Cards are custom designed with images from your session and come in various 5×7 flat and folded shapes.

Fine Art Gallery + Wrapped Canvases.

Emily Hardy Photography specializes in producing quality fine art gallery wrapped canvases for either single display or our popular custom wall gallery collections.  Canvases offer flexibility as smaller sizes can stand on shelves or in bookcases, larger ones come ready-to-hang with simple hardware backing.  Our canvases are printed with care, hand stretched and professionally backed.

To some, the idea of maternity images is as exciting as the idea of having a baby itself as you are captivated by the glow and radiance that pregnancy has bestowed upon you. To others, it is a questionable one as your body has transformed to a place you might not have imaged it ever going.

However you may feel, if you do not take the images, you will not have them. And while it may be your first or your third pregnancy, each will deliver you an experience (and a baby!) that is unique to this world. That deserves to be captured. If ever there is a time to entrust yourself to the hands of a professional photographer, it is during this time. Professional maternity photography is not the snap of an Instagram shot or a few shots taken on a whim in your kitchen. It is working with someone who understands that certain poses will photograph better than others, that lighting is key, and with a bit of guidance, you will look as amazing on the outside as you hopefully feel on the inside.

For your session, Emily Hardy Photography provides you with the option of shooting in a private location, such as your home or our studio, where you can bare as little or as much of your belly (and body) that you care to. You may also opt for a less intimate session and select outfits and a location that has meaning to you and will provide a wonderful backdrop for the “before” pages in your Baby Book.

Session Details.

When should you book?

You are welcome to reserve your session any time after you have established your due date, but you will want to schedule a time between 32 and 36 weeks when you are showing enough of a full belly, but not quite ready to deliver! Scheduling in the earlier weeks ensures that you will have a bit more mobility for poses.

You may want to think about booking your separate newborn session at this time, as well, should you choose to also book that with Emily Hardy Photography.

And by all means, include any siblings (of the two or four-legged variety) as this is an exciting time for your entire family! Emily Hardy Photography will capture both individual and family images to tell your entire story!

What to wear.

We love the full range of options that are available for today’s mother-to-be: open and flowing or crisp and modern. Embrace looks that show your belly, and give it the definition it deserves. Try a tank, camisole or a long flowy sweater that opens just above your belly bump. You can’t go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt or tank – but look for options that include a lycra bend so that they remain crisp and form flattering. For jeans and pants, try for “under the belly” – it doesn’t matter if you can snap them or not, an open snap will show far better than a large maternity panel. Just prior to your session, try to avoid anything tight that will leave a band mark or indentations on your belly. There is something lovely about just a plain, simple, button down…classic yet a bit intimate if unbuttoned, especially if it belongs to your partner. And should you feel especially radiant, investigate options for maternity lingerie!

Hair + Makeup.

Because this session is about showcasing your beauty and glow, why not treat it as a gift you will give to yourself, and to your baby?  Scheduling a hair and makeup appointment prior to the session will pull together your look almost as much as selecting the perfect outfit – this is especially true if you experience skin and hair changes due to hormonal shifts.  If your budget and schedule permits, treat yourself to a prenatal massage to really get your glow on!

What to wear.

Fresh, Clean, Simple…and Fun!

New Moms

Selecting clothing for your first postpartum photoshoot may seem daunting. Your first instinct may be “oh, no, the baby only, not me.” But you have Emily Hardy Photography, and we are newborn experts – we know what we are doing (that’s why you hired us, right?). We know how to position you so that you look your best and that we capture the bond between you and baby. If you are going to show off one image of you and your baby, it will undoubtedly be the one taken by a professional! We think simple clothing is best for the new mama without distracting patterns. White, cream, soft pink or even charcoal or black are all great choices. Most moms prefer themselves in long sleeve tops.


We love organic fabrics. Nothing spells baby more than a plain white onesie and a soft swaddle blanket. Or nothing at all (tastefully of course). Emily Hardy Photography has several simple wraps and blankets that we will provide for your session or you can personalize your images with your own items. Typically we caution against “outfits” as usually they overwhelm your newborn. Save the fancy, busy clothes for the visits to the grandparents, or bring them for the end of our session and we will make sure we capture a few images that include your favorite. Have a look at our portfolio to view colors and choices that we adore!


While we still love white and neutrals, we like to incorporate bursts of color, fun hats and anything quirky that shows your babies spunk and personality. We typically advise against anything that is too trendy or will date your photos and we avoid looks with statements (as in “Daddy’s little helper”). Please communicate with Emily Hardy Photography about any specific props or setups to ensure that it is in line with what we typically offer within our portfolio. Finally, we can’t caution enough about avoiding the “orange” foods the day before and the day of your session…it takes quite a bit of post-processing work to remove the glow from your baby’s otherwise beautiful skin.

Children & Family

When it comes to “What to Wear” with families, not all the pieces match, but some repeat, and they all coordinate. Unless your entire family dresses the exact same to go out and about, don’t do it for your session. That statement will always apply for on-location. However, in studio, keeping similar neutrals works well and we’ve had beautifully coordinated “white t-shirts and jeans” sessions or three children all wearing matching handmade t-shirts and onesies.

Things to remember.

1-2 days before the session.

Refrain from feeding your infant or baby any“orange” foods.

Double check that everyone is healthy and alert Emily Hardy Photography if there is any concern.

Double check that all outfits/props/hats, etc. are planned, washed and ready to go.

Day of the session.

For newborns, prepare any necessary nursing supplies or bottles, extra diapers, wipes and burp clothes.

For babies, prepare any non-colorful snacks (i.e. white versus orange puffs, etc.).

Have a favorite toy ready that is likely to either calm your child, or get their smiling attention.

Prepare any extra outfits/props/hats/blankets.

Allow a little extra time so you are not rushed or stressed.

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