Senior Location


I know seniors think a lot about what to wear for their senior portraits, but there is another “where” you’ll need to consider, as in where will you have your pictures taken? Here are some of my favorite places.

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  • A back alley with a fire escape
  • An old warehouse with interesting metalwork or worn windows
  • Graffiti- Brick wall with peeling paint
  • Old signage can all serve as fantastic backdrops
  • If you are an adventurous type who likes to explore, this setting can add striking contrast to seniors dressed up in something chic.


Natural settings are always popular because outdoor light is so flattering and easy to work with.
– Public parks
– Anywhere with trees
– Long paths
– Open grassy spaces
– Ponds
– Fencing
If you like to be active and moving, a natural setting will provide the most freedom.


What are your passions? Channel that into a customized shoot somewhere you love.
– The barre at a dance studio
– The golf course
– With your surfboard at the beach
The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.