The Shepherd Family

Lifestyle Family Photography Session | Omaha, Nebraska

Three year old twins plus an 18 month old baby brother are the absolute perfect ingredients for an In-Home Lifestyle Photography Session. Here’s what Megan, mom extraordinaire, had to say about our fun-filled session:

“It was amazing!!!!  We’ve had our photos taken elsewhere the last 2 times and both times we swore off family photos-tears, sweating, frustration, it wasn’t worth it. This time there was none of that-so laid back and even fun!”

“It wasn’t just photos it was a family experience and I’m so glad we did! We won’t go elsewhere again!”

“Emily was so flexible and laid back but she got awesome shots!!!  And the photos are “us”. We’re not great at posing and get awkward trying so these were true portrayals of our family-even if it is chaos :)”

“All of it was my favorite part!!  Like I said-it wasn’t family photos, it was an experience!”

Lifestyle Family Photography Session
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