The Sughroue Family

Lifestyle Family Photography Session | Lincoln, Nebraska

I often get asked if pets can join in on the family photo session. The answer is, and always will be, one hundred percent YES!

Fur children Frank and Murphy were all decked out and looking so dapper in their coordinating bow ties. As soon as I walked in, Frank was bringing me all of his toys – you know, because the youngest of the family always has to show off a bit.

We played a bit and allowed both of the boys to get their wiggles out a little. Lily told me that they had never had family photos done before with the two dogs. She admitted that she was pretty nervous about how they would act.

“Shortly after Emily arrived, she made us feel way more at ease and she captured some awesome moments. We will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives!”

So again, anytime you’re on the fence about including the pets, just know that I am always totally on board. Even better yet if they have outfits of their own.

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